N & G: Welcome enterprises receiving land in Hanssip Industrial Park

04:23 | 20/04/2018

[DANTRI] It is expected that in June 2018, Hanssip Industrial Park Developer will hand over land lots to the partners that operating at Hanssip Industrial Park of the Phase 1.

According to the Developer of Hanssip Industrial Park, in June 2018, a series of business will receive land in Hanssip Industrial Park, laying the foundations for the later factories that will be more than 4 hectares of a cluster producing electric vehicles (from MBI - Korea) with about 500 employees.

Companies will gather at Hanssip Industrial Park, including: Hanel Joint Stock Company, General Production Group in Osaka Japan will also be allocated more than 100 ha in phase 2 of this complex.

To make an adequate life for workers and experts are around the corner more than 23.1ha of Hanssip Trade Service Urban Area has been restarted and offered for sale, especially the nine-storey Trading Center is also being completed urgently in November, 2018. Trading center has 9 floors planning with investment capital of 36 billion VND.

Hanoi Southern Supporting Industrial Park (HANSSIP) was directed by the Prime Minister and the Hanoi People's Committee to develop into an industrial park specializes in supporting industries and industries support hi-tech industries right in the territory of capital city of Hanoi, assigned N & G Development and Investment Corporation (N & G Corporation) to be the developer

Exchange Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on cooperation and investment at the project


HANSSIP was approved by the Government of Viet Nam with the aim of becoming the first specialization supporting industrial park in Vietnam and wish that HANSSIP will become a successful model to create momentum to develop supporting industries of the country. Therefore, HANSSIP is closely paid attention and support by the Government and Hanoi authority with special preferential policies. Specifically, the project was given land, leasing term up to 70 years. In addition, enterprises participating in the production of supporting industrial products in HANSSIP in accordance with the regulations of the Government of Vietnam will receive special preferences on corporate income tax, export-import tax, VAT, personal income tax in line with current policies.

HANSSIP is strategically located at the southern gateway of Hanoi, adjacent to two major traffic routes of Vietnam: Phap Van - Cau Gie Highway and National Highway 1A.

Business support policy

Leasing term up to 70 years. (The enterprises that subleasing land and infrastructure in HANSSIP will not have to pay annual land rent during the lease term because the Developer had paid that to the State)

Current corporate income tax

Imposing level: 22%

Exemption: 2 years

Discount: 50% for the next 4 years

The Government will consider allowing the application of preferential policies on exemption and reduction of corporate income tax for each specific investment project of enterprises investing in HANSSIP. Incentives are considered as below

Preferential rate: 10% within 15 years, of which:

Exemption: 4 years

Discount: 50% for the next 9 years


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