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23:37 | 21/01/2020

Joining the innovative period of the country, with 20 year of forming and developing, N&G has become the converging center for the investors-who share the view of sustainable development.



Joining the innovative period of the country, with 20 year of forming and developing, N&G has become the converging center for the investors-who share the view of sustainable development. 

Multidisciplinary Stratergy

Starting with building factory chains, industrial area, economic center, innovative center and new generation urban area on various province and city, along with investing in multiple sectors, N&G Group is becoming a well-known brand in the area of developing in renewable energy ( solar energy and wind energy): resorts and high class Hotel in Hanoi and other province and city in the South-Center Region and Tay Nguyen. Especially, N&G Group also investing in various field that aim at improving the standard of living for people, including investment in the water treatment and supply factory, trash disposal area to generate electricity. The company also become a supportive mother-company to many business producing Industrial Supporting product and High Technological Supporting product Factory.

With the strength and potential that the company has, N&G Group also contributing to the foundation and creation of the new Supporting Industries in VIetnam. First of all, N&G Group is one of the Founder of Hanoi Supporting Industries Business  Association (HANSIBA) and Vietnam Association for Supporting Industries, this has become the leverage for the company to gather many Small and Medium Enterprise and Start-up Company which are directly participate in the production and trading of the product. It is the combination of N&G GROUP and HANSIBA Association and VASI with the orientation from all levels, leaders of the Central Government and Hanoi City to create a platform for infrastructure, capital and trade promotion for Member enterprises can pursue long-term with supporting industries. Also from vivid practices that contribute to the process of proposing and proposing to develop mechanisms and policies for the development of industries and supporting industries in Vietnam.

The Imprints of HANSSIP

At the momments, N&G Group along with the members of the corporation have been investing and developing Industrial Supporting Production and Economic Center Urban Area in Southern of Hanoi ( HANSSIP). This is a Industrial urban complex and oriented to become industrial city and new generation smart city with all the facilities and infrastructures which can support the production and the local people living standards. 

  HANSSIP provides the most complete environment to develop inventions -creation - production - services, and is a safe place to live with the quality of life that match industrial revolution 4.0, artificial intelligence which also suits with the sustainable development criteria that the United National set and guide the global citizens to follow. 

The factories in the industrial zone are designed and built according to the UN's 17 criteria of sustainable development - meeting strict environmental management and energy saving - making maximum use of renewable energy. and waste treatment - waste water of international standards. Closely linked with global production and business chains with the highest added value for each enterprise involved in production and business investment at HANSSIP

In the development strategy of its investment and business activities. N&G GROUP always pays special attention to cooperation with foreign partners, especially multinational corporations, businesses with experience and capacity to develop new technologies. Since then, N&G GROUP will realize its goal of becoming the leading private economic group in Vietnam, making practical contributions to the task of building and developing the country more and more strongly and successfully integrating.




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