23:37 | 21/01/20
Joining the innovative period of the country, with 20 year of forming and developing, N&G has become the converging center for the investors-who share the view of sustainable development.
04:02 | 15/05/19
Onaga Company and N&G Group have signed a deal on promoting the establishment of Vietnam - Japan Techno Park.
05:14 | 08/05/18
HANSSIP urban area (phase 1) with more than 600 adjoining houses, shophouse area is included in the master plan for development of Hanoi Southern Supporting Industrial Park Complex (HANSSIP).
02:51 | 07/05/18
In the afternoon of April 27, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam held the 55th anniversary of the traditional day of VCCI (27/4/1963 - 27/4/2018).
05:23 | 20/04/18
[DANTRI] It is expected that in June 2018, Hanssip Industrial Park Developer will hand over land lots to the partners that operating at Hanssip Industrial Park of the Phase 1.
05:17 | 20/04/18
Commercial exchange and promotion, seeking chance of investment cooperation conference which has opened a lot of cooperation chance in commerce between Enterprises of Vietnam and Taiwan
07:45 | 05/06/17
Mr. Nguyen Hoang, Chairman of N&G Development and Investment Corp expects to find partners to build Tech-no-parks in Hanoi South Supporting Industrial Park (HANSSIP) during his attendance at Japan – Vietnam Investment Promotion Conference co-organized by Ministry of Planning and Investment, and Jetro during Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s official visit to Japan.
08:05 | 21/06/16
In May 31, 2016 morning , at Daewoo Hanoi hotel, Institute for strategic studies, industrial policy of Ministry of Industry and Trade held a forum “Solutions for capital to develop supporting industry”. There are attendances of many economic experts, representatives of Government Office, Ministries, Branches, Vietinbank, small and medium enterprises and press agencies.
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