N&G Group and Indovin Power LLC signed a joint partnership agreement

01:03 | 28/07/2018

N&G Group and Indovin Power LLC signed a joint partnership agreement to do investment and construction of waste-to-energy treatment plant for Hanoi capital city.

According to the agreement, the first waste to energy plant will be built in Son Tay and Ba Vi district of Hanoi capital with initial investment capital of about 70M USD. The project was approved by Chairman of Hanoi, Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung at the “Hanoi 2018 – Cooperation and Development conference” held at National Convention Center last June. This FDI project get high attention from Hanoi’s government and support as it will help to reduce the increasingly high residential waste, produce new energy resource as well as contribute to the fight against the climate change that Vietnam strongly commit to protect the environment.

N&G Group with its rich experience will be the partner to  do project consultation, design, manage and construction of the project. N&G Group commited to the investors and Hanoi city to finish the project’s tight timeline. This pilot project will open a new door for investment project in waste treatment in Hanoi and other provinces nation wide.

The partnership agreement between N&G Group and Indovin Powr LLC focus on the rule of “risk sharing, mutual benefits”, to implement the project in mutiple scales and depth, establishing a long-term strategic coopeartion to reach success and together development.

After the pilot project is done and approved by Hanoi city, N&G Group and Indovin Power LLC will cooperate to expand the project to other locations nationwide to turn wastes to energy and contribute to the environment protection in Việt Nam.


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