01:12 | 09/01/2020

In 2020, the world economy is predicted to have a slower growth as the result of the trade war and the sensitiveness of the money market and finance market. Besides, the 4.0 industrial revolution continuously has a significant impact, constantly creates major changes in every manufacturing business sector.


NGUYỄN HOÀNG-Mba, Entrepreneur 

Member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam

Delegate of Hanoi People’commitee

Vice President of  Vietnam Association for Supporting Industries(VASI)

President of Hanoi Supporting Industries Business Association(HANSIBA)

Chairman of N&G GROUP

In 2020, the world economy is predicted to have a slower growth as the result of the trade war and the sensitiveness of the money market and finance market. Besides, the 4.0 industrial revolution continuously has a significant impact, constantly creates major changes in every manufacturing business sector. The Vietnamese economy is deeply integrating within the area as well as the world, inevitably must be ready for many challenges but also potential opportunities. With the plan to improve the investment environment and accessible business, alongside with fundamental and necessary adjustment in the investment of constructing infrastructure and government property will create the motivation to improve in the industrial, agriculture and tourism sector. The GDP of Vietnam is forecast to have a growth of 7 in 2020. in the scenario of the country is integrating with the area and the world, along with the impact of the 4.0 industrial revolution, N&G Group has decided on the objective, and growth strategy from 2020 to 2015 to become a multi-sectoral corporation that operates in investment and industrial business production. 

N&G Group is a developer of many industrial area new generation urban area in many provinces of Vietnam. Being a multi-sectoral private company- N&G has been founded for 20 years and continue to grow within the 35 years of the newly improving economy era of Vietnam. N&G Group gathers individuals those have the responsibilities to the society and to themselves, always eager to bring in a new construction project - with the best things from the Business community of Vietnam- Global and Vietnamese Citizens who join the investment- trading- Settling Down and Thrive project developed by N&G group. The corporation is also investing mainly in various projects develop renewable energy (wind and solar power); Industrial area, economy and innovation center and new generation urban; resorts, high-class hotel in the capital Hanoi and other South-Central Province, Tay Nguyen. Invest in the factory that supply clean water; waste disposal area that turns waste into raw material to generate electricity; collaborate to develop a business that produces industrial supporting tools, high tech industrial equipment; smart car….

N&G Group alongside with other Company operate in industrial factor have co-founded Hanoi Supporting Industries Business Association ( HANSIBA) and Vietnam Association for Supporting Industries (VASI). These association now has hundreds of members, which also include many Small Medium Enterprise, Start-up directly participate in producing and distribute in Supporting Industry. Chairman of N&G corporation is also responsible with the  President position of HANSIBA, Vice- President of VASI. N&G Group, HANSIBA and Vasi with the support, orientation from the Hanoi City Council that guide, support and donate for the business member land and infrastructure, financial subsidy, commercial promotion and investment with organizations, domestic and international enterprises. Especially Large Corporation, FDI Enterprises those come from a developing country. VASI and HANSIBA  association and N & G Group- with the directions and operation objectives, has made many proposals and request directly to the Center Organization regardless of the mechanism and development policy of the Supporting Industry business of Vietnam. 

N&G Group has been investing in chains of an innovative industrial area that meet the new FTA standards, including supporting industry area and commercial city in the southern area of Hanoi ( with the international trading brand HANSSIP). HANSSIP is an industrial complex urban area that moves towards the industrial city and smart city with the necessary facilities and infrastructure to serve the needs of living and industrial production. There are sufficient conditions for a new invention, research, production, commercial service and also a peaceful living environment that has the living standards of the 4.0 revolution; and that include artificial intelligence and sustainable improvement criteria which the United Nation has set the guideline for global citizens to follow. The facilities for healthcare, education and business control and manage using system developed by artificial intelligence, therefore it is reasonable to say that the 4.0 industrial revolution has provided business production and living at HANSSIP with the most suitable support. All the factories in the industrial area are designed and built following the 17 standards for sustainability and endurance - capable of meeting with the environmentally friendly and energy-saving standards- international quality for waste disposal and water treatment process. N&G Group tightly co-operates with other international production business in order to increase the value and brand image of all the business joining the investment of production in HANSSIP. The urban area in HANSSIP is also an essential aspect that made up the smart, clean and environmentally friendly industrial city. infrastructure such as mall ( international outlet brand, trading market for the local people), Healthcare Centre, Sport Centre, leisure park, hotel, office building, restaurant for hosting ceremonies and especially school for education from primary level to university are all built with the latest technology and standards from the United Nation for a smart, sustainable and developing city. 

HANSSIP- The industrial and urban area that holds the international integrating standards of Vietnam, strictly follows the new economic agreement that Vietnam has been joining such as CPTPP, the free trade agreement between Vietnam and EU…. 

HANSSIP in Hanoi City is the starting point and entirely lies within Phu Xuyen city( 1 of the 5-satellite city of Hanoi) currently under the plan to develop urgently, as the celebration for 100-year anniversary of  Vietnam Democratic Republic, now known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. 

In the development strategy for business and investment, N&G Group always maintain attention with the international partners, especially the multinational corporation, enterprise with high experience and the potential to develop new technology so that Vietnam can keep up with the speed of development and soon make contribution to Vietnam in order to increase the income per capita from the below-average level, leading the country to become more develop and modern country. This is also the objectives set by the Government of Vietnam as well as the citizens and businesses.

With the internal operation, training and developing employees is one of the key focus of the company as N&G Group consider the Human aspect one of the most important factors that directly leads to the success of the company. the slogan of the company is: “ come to N&G Group, Success- Prosperity is within your reach!” this is also the meaning and objective throughout all the plan and mission of all the employees of N&G Group- we unite together to and contribute to the success of the company, bringing N&G Group to become the leading private enterprise of Vietnam. The company also work to bring happiness, fulfilment and enjoyment for both mentally and financially to the labor force; bring profit for the shareholders, partners, customers and investors. Finally, contributing to the development to make Vietnam a better country for the citizen. 

As the Lunar new year, 2020 is approaching. Representing the Board of Director of N&G Group, I would like to wish the best of luck- health-happiness and success to the leaders of the country, our domestic and international partners and all the employees of N&G Group.




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