N&G Corp go to Japan seeking for partners to build Tech-no park

06:45 | 05/06/2017

Mr. Nguyen Hoang, Chairman of N&G Development and Investment Corp expects to find partners to build Tech-no-parks in Hanoi South Supporting Industrial Park (HANSSIP) during his attendance at Japan – Vietnam Investment Promotion Conference co-organized by Ministry of Planning and Investment, and Jetro during Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s official visit to Japan.


Mr. Nguyen Hoang, Chairman of N&G Corp/ Chairman of Hanoi

Supporting Industrial BusinessesAssociation (HANSIBA)

N&G Corp has always been looking for Japanese partners to cooperate in supporting industrial business. The investment and construction of Hanoi South Supporting Industrial Park (HANSSiP) as well as N&G Corp’s action to found Hanoi Supporting Industrial Business Association (HANSIBA) is the active working plan of N&G Corp. Could you please share with us the results?

I don’t want to talk further about the meaning of the development of supporting industry for the development of Vietnamese economy.

The development of supporting industry business is well cared and supported by government, ministries, and other agencies. Many incentive policies are granted. Recently, decision no 10/2017/QĐ-TTg dated April 3rd, 2017 was signed by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc to issue Regulation of Management and Implementation of Supporting Business Development Program.

This is the chance for us, as well as for HANSIBA’s business members such as Hanel, Toan Cau Electro mechanic, Thang Long machinery, Hanoi Molding, Institute of machine and industrial tools.. Many companies has become sub-contractors of Japanese business operating in Vietnam.

For HANSSIP, we are calling for more Japanese investors to come to join us to build a chain of supporting industrial product supply, to open opportunities to connect Vietnamese and Japanese businesses in export products..

At the moments, infrastructures of HANSSIP industrial park, stage I has been ready with total area of 90 hectares to call for Japanese and international investment.

We are setting the target to build “Tech-no-park” inside HANSSIP, gathering international, small and medium Vietnamese businesses here.

In this trip, what are HANSIBA and N&G Corp’s plans to introduce to investors, and specifically with which partners and business field?

In the Asia Future Conference and Vietnam – Japan Invesment Promotion Conference hosted by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, we will continue introduce about HANSSIP to Japanese partners that are working in the industry business.

At the same time, we have already had plans to work with some partners, to exchange specific cooperation demand to supply products and components in supporting industrial business and hi-tech field.

We are also meeting with leaders from financial organizations in the conference to call for support, cooperation to provide loan and capital aid to supporting industrial business in Vietnam in general and for members of HANSIBA in particular.

I strongly believe in the positive results after this trip.

When working with Japanese partners, what are their main concerns?

There is one point that Japanese partner and I usually mention that is production ability, technology level, machineries, and especially the financial strength of Vietnamese supporting industry companies do not have enough specific support from Government. Meanwhile, there are severe competitions from companies in the countries with highly developed industry,  right in ASEAN such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, as well as China, India.

For Vietnamese companies, the crutial point is still financial power.

We would like supporting businesses to have the chance to approach preferential loan interest with longer duration, and loand guaranteed by Government.

Is there any other issue?

Plan to implement Industrialization Strategy of Vietnam in the Japanese – Vietnamese Cooperation Framework until 2020 with vision to 2030, and in Japanese – Vietnamese General Initiative, the 6th stage, with the aim to improve investment environment in Vietnam was confirmed by Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe in his official visit to Vietnam by in the early of 2017.

With “a new fresh air” from a Government of “creativity, going together with businesses” recently, together with great effort from businesses, we hope that Government and agencies can provide more solutions to quickly realize, in a right direction of cooperation between parties.

We also request that Japanese government to provide financial support, especially from Government ODA and other financial organization, investment fund in Japan, to guide to connect supporting industrial product suppliers in Vietnam with Japanese buyers; and to connect supporting business partners who receive technology transfer in Vietnam with financial group, banks and investment fund in Japan.

For Vietnamese government, we would like to receive specific support in land leasing cost, flexible yearly leasing time, and together with policies, machanism to aid trade and business promotion..

Only with such helps from both Governments above, supporting industrial businesses in Vietnam can really have enough necessary condition to realize cooperation plan with Japanese partners.


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