VCCI President pay a working visit to N&G Group - HANSIBA

03:16 | 11/05/2018

(N&G Group) – President of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) as well as Vietnam Business Associations Central Council - Dr Vu Tien Loc on 2nd May 2018 paid a working visit to N&G Group and Hanoi Supporting Industries Business Association (HANSIBA).


Mr Nguyen Quang Vinh accompanied with Dr Vu Tien Loc during a working visit to N&G Group and HANSIBA, Mr Vinh is member of Standing Board - General Secratary of VCCI 6th tenure - General Secratary of Business Council for Vietnam Sustainable Development

Receiving VCCI leader at N&G Group H.O included Mr Nguyen Hoang member of Executive Board of VCCI 6th tenure, deputy of Hanoi People Council (tenure 2016 – 2021), HANSIBA president and N&G Grouppresident as well among the other company cadres and HANSIBA members


Opening the programe, President Nguyen Hoang made a brief report to VCCI president about operations of HANSIBA - the first specializing supporting industry business association organization in Vietnam since it founded. Development strategy and the outcomes of investment, production and business activities of N&G Group and the task of develop supporting industry sector in Hanoi - Vietnam. While, N&G Group president also reported on development orientation of Hanoi Southern Supporting Industrial Park (HANSSIP) infrastructure has been investing by N&G Group located at the Southgate of Hanoi Capital a place where Mr Vu Tien Loc once escorted former President of State H.E Truong Tan Sang and former Deputy Prime Minister H.E Hoang Trung Hai currently serving as member of politburo, Hanoi Party Committee Secretary took part in and lauching ground breaking HANSSIP organized by N&G Group. Mr Nguyen Hoang expressed his sincere thanks to Mr Vu Tien Loc and all cadres of VCCI has always paid their attentions, cooperation and boosting the development of HANSIBA, N&G Group and HANSIBA business member as well in the joining hand tasks of developing investment, production and business activities in supporting industry field over the past time. Within the working content, N&G and HANSIBA president also reported on difficulties and obstacles specifically from supporting industry business community to VCCI president and also proposed recommendations, solutions in order to accelarate the development of Vietnamese business engaged and will be engaged in supporting industry field that has been receiving a lot of attention and develpment orientation from the Party - State - Government of Vietnam



Listen to report from N&G Group and HANSIBA leader, Dr Vu Tien Loc discussed details on solutions to support boosting investment and development activities for businesses of HANSIBA. Dr Loc also gave some directive opinions, suggestions on business strategy to N&G Group and HANSSIP project as well as investment and international cooperation projects at national level, making practical contributions to the development of Socio-Economy in Vietnam in the time ahead. Personally VCCI president and VCCI body will continue speed up the mission of support business community - Vietnamese businessmen including N&G Group and HANSIBA - member of VCCI in a concrete way with unambiguous orientation and plan right after the working visit.

Within the working programme at N&G Group and HANSIBA office, Mr Vu Tien Loc and delegations visited and introduced about Supporting Start up Center of Supporting Industries (SCSI) directly under HANSIBA. As President of National Start up Programme, Dr Loc paying closed attention to SCSI operation model concurrently instructs organizations, agencies under VCCI along with business community, Vietnam busisnessmen to accompany, cooperate to strongly develop Start up supporting programs that launched by SCSI

Below shown some pictures at the working visit

President of N&G Corp and HANSIBA reports on N&G and HANSIBA activities to President of VCCI

President Nguyễn Hoàng introduces President of VCCI some documents, sample products that will be ivested and developed in Vietnam by cooperation between N&G Corp and its International Parteners

Dr Vũ Tiến Lộc, President of National Start up Programme visits Supporting Start up Center of Supporting Industries (SCSI) directly under HANSIBA

Composed: HANSIBA communication section and N&G Group branding unit



Dr. Vu Tien Loc (born 1960) is a doctorate in economics and politician in Vietnam. He is a member of the  National Assembly tenure XI, XII, XIII, member of National Assembly economic-budget Committee tenure XI, member of National Assembly economic committee tenure XII, XIII, President of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front tenure VI, VII, VIII, Vice Chairman of the Administrative Reform Advisory Council to The Prime Minister, Chairman of the Central Council of Vietnam Business Associations, Chairman of the Vietnam Pacific Economic Cooperation Committee, Chairman of the Vietnam Business Forum (VBF), Vice Chairman President of the Vietnam-Japan Parliamentarian Friendship Alliance.

As a politician who has served as VCCI president since 2004, he is considered to have left a lot of mark for the development of this important community. He and the business associations proposed to the Prime Minister to select the date of October 13th as a businessmen day in Vietnam. He has researched and actively disseminated Ho Chi Minh's thoughts on business and entrepreneurship. He was the first to introduce the message "Businessman - The soldier in peacetime" to honor typical Vietnamese businessmen. He proposed and directly participated in editing the project submitted to the Politburo to issue a resolution on building and promoting the role of the Vietnamese businessmen in the period of industrialization and modernization. Together with some delegates from the 13th National Assembly, Mr Loc successfully lobbied businessmen and entrepreneurs for the first time in their history to be constituted in the 2013 Constitution with other classes such as workers, farmers, intellectuals. .

Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) under the leadership of  Mr Vu Tien Loc has had great impact on the development of Vietnamese enterprises and investment environment in Vietnam. He directly presided and directed the implementation of small and medium enterprise development programs, building the system of business associations and organizations in Vietnam. He directed the study and published the PCI Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) index, which provided the impetus for reforms and improved local economic governance capacity. He chaired a number of forums, policy dialogues between the Government and enterprises and large business forums in Vietnam and abroad with the participation of heads of state and leading CEOs. Mr. Vu Tien Loc is a frequent contributor to the entrepreneurial spirit and builds the image of a socially responsible entrepreneur.

Mr. Vu Tien Loc has also been actively involved in trade promotion and investment activities at the national level, contributing to the development of many foreign investment projects in Vietnam and boosting the export of Vietnam to guide and support Vietnamese enterprises and business associations in the progress of international integration

On 19/9/2014, VCCI received the First-class Labor Medal of the President of Vietnam, presented by the State Deputy President Nguyen Thi Doan at the request of the Prime Minister for outstanding achievements in the period. 2009-2013

At the National Business Member Congress of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry on March 28, 2015, with the participation of President of State H.E Truong Tan Sang and Chairman of the Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front H.E Nguyen Thien Nhan, Mr Vu Tien Loc is re-elected as President of VCCI Term VI (term of 2016 - 2021)

Impressive statements:

"The longest road in Vietnam is the way from words to actions of some officials"

(talking about the actions of officials in the leader body, the 12th session of the National Assembly of Vietnam April-2016)

"90 years ago, Uncle Ho oriented the Vietnamese economy is market economy"

"Entrepreneur - the soldier in peacetime"

Source: collected from the press, mass media


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