03:46 | 01/10/2015

In the mission of accompanying President Truong Tan Sang attended the Summit of the United Nations in the United States since 24/9. Yesterday, on the 25th of Sept, 2015 in New York City, United States of America, The Chairman of HANSIBA Mr. Nguyen Hoang together with the delegation of the State and the Vietnamese enterprises attended direct dialogue Vietnam – US program on the impact of the Trans-Pacific partnership (TPP) Agreement for Vietnam and Vietnam – American trading relationship.

At the conference, as the Chairman of Vietnam supporting industries Committee (under the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam - VCCI) who is also the Chairman of the of Hanoi supporting industries business Association (HANSIBA),Mr. Nguyen Hoang had speech on the theme of supporting industry development cooperation  and the contents of cooperation investment promotion between the economic community of ASEAN and the United States. In his speech, President Nguyen Hoang mentioned the need to agree on the content of cooperation by detail action between the business community based on grounds of the Trans-Pacific partnership (TPP) Agreement in that Vietnam and the ASEAN countries and the United States are participating. In order to find solutions to work together to develop supporting industries in particular products and the industry in general in Vietnam, facilitate Vietnam enterprise and the economy of Vietnam which have potential, the advantage of land infrastructure, labor, political stability can heavily involve in the value chain of global goods and manufacturing, industry of America and in the world.

Chairman of VCCI- Dr. Vu Tien Loc together with Chairman of HANSIBA Mr. Nguyen Hoang and Mr Alexander C. Feldman, US Business - Asean  council  

Vietnam supporting industries Committee (VCCI) will collaborate with the HANSIBA to promote  strongly the supporting industrial in which focus on development the initialization businesses, the immediate focus on components manufacturing field such as: cell automotive, electronics, agricultural machines ... supporting industries Committee (VCCI ) and HANSIBA will promote cooperation with  partner companies in 12 countries involved in TPP from The United States and Japan  in order to utilize the  chance of joining the TPP of Vietnam immediately the beginning of the signing .

On the sidelines of the Conference, Chairman of VCCI, Dr. Vu Tien Loc and Chairman Mr.Nguyen Hoang met, worked with Mr. Alexander C. Feldman - Chairman of the US Business - Asean  Council and some representatives of some major corporations like Ford motor Co, Bechtel, Wal-Mart …Chairman exchange with Ford Cooperation on product promotion and supply of automotive components products and machinery for Ford in Vietnam and the US, and would like to invite Ford to Viet Nam and work with HANSIBA the specific content of cooperation and detail in the near future, Ford’s Representative agreed and also invite Mr. Nguyen Hoang to visit and work at its headquarters in Michigan, USA.

Chairman of HANSIBA meet and work with Ford motor’s Representative



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